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PWC-NY Annual Member Meeting and Committee Sign-up

New York

August 9, 2019

Over the past four years, Professional Women in Construction has seen significant growth in an active and passionate membership. To engage the members, the organization has four active committees, and members are invited to enroll on a committee once a year at the Annual Member Meeting. Each committee organizes events for members of the community that are targeted and an opportunity to build relationships.

PWC-NY Members are invited to attend the Annual Member Meeting on October 23rd where each of the committees will be presenting on their activities and offering sign-ups for the 2020 committees:

Membership Committee

PWC’s Membership Committee strives to engage members and increase participation from new and existing members. This committee meets monthly. These meetings also periodically feature a special guest as the “Member Spotlight” who shares their experience and knowledge in their careers and their involvement in the PWC community.

Mentorship Committee

Now in its third year, the Mentorship Committee organizes the Experienced and Emerging Professionals program. Mentors and mentees in the AEC industry are paired for an 8-month long program to learn from each other and develop supportive relationships through one-on-one meetings as well as group events like paint night and speed networking.

Most recently, the Mentorship Committee hosted a Career Growth and Development Panel in partnership with Syracuse University. This panel focused on different perspectives and career paths from industry professionals in multiple sectors of the construction industry and offered sound advice for students and professionals alike.

PDAC Committee

In 2018, PWC-NY launched the Professional Development Advisory Council (PDAC) whose mission is to provide vision, leadership, and educational resources for members. They accomplish this by hosting quarterly events on professional development topics. So far in 2019, PDAC has hosted two successful events including a panel on Integrated Project Delivery and a workshop called “Pushing Back to Move Forward: The Power of No” on creating boundaries to manage workloads. This workshop focused on developing emotional intelligence, establishing boundaries, and turning no into a positive outcome in the workplace.

On September 10th, PDAC will be hosting a workshop, “Deal or No Deal: Negotiating for a Better Future”, on salaries in the AEC industry and strategies to advance one’s career.

MWBE Committee

The MWBE committee connects members with key companies who are interested in offering opportunities and hiring MWBE firms. This year, the committee has hosted 9 “Meet and Greets” with groups including MTA, CBRE, EDC, The LiRo Group, Evergreen Construction, PANYNJ, AKRF, SBS and Railroad Construction Company.

In addition to the committees, PWC organizes trending panel events throughout the year that are ticketed at both member and nonmember rates.

If you are interested in becoming a member or learning more about PWC, please visit our website at

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